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The Chronicles of Boshra

Chapters 13-15
The Kingdom Reunited
The Dragon of Gybun
Chapter 1-3
Chapters 4-6
Chapters 7-9
Chapters 10-12
Chapters 13-15

Chapter 13:



            Son?  Could this man really be Oslick’s father?  No, it was not possible.  This man was so old.  But then, how old was Oslick?  Now that he thought about it, William knew very little about Oslick.  That was all of his name that he knew.  He did not know where he came from or where he was going.  His best guess was that he planned to go to the capital city.  He still did not know who his family was or anything else about him.

            “Much has changed since the last time you heard from us.  And you…you have changed much too.  The last time that I saw you, you were so small.  And now you are like as if you are ready to…” the man did not finish his statement.  He looked directly as William.  “Who is this?  Wait…I know him.  No, I knew his father.  A young Carthage.  Yes, it must be.  Am I right?”

            “Yes, sir, you are.  My father’s name was…”

            “Richard.  Richard Carthage.  Yes, I knew him for a time.  I very good man.  Very strong fighter.  Great leader as well.  Died honorably.  BRIAN!!”

            “Yes, Lord Osgard.  How can I be of service?” he asked as he climbed into the dim room.

            “I would like you to show young master Carthage around our small city.  We have things that we must talk about.”

            “Yes, my lord.  William, if you would come with me…” and he stepped back out into the sunlight and down the ladder.

            William followed and found Brian waiting at the bottom for him.  He began to walk as soon as William touched the platform.  For a small while, nothing was said between the two and there was only the sound of the birds and the trees.

            “What do you know of Lord Osgard?” inquired Brian.

            “Nothing.  I had never even heard of him.  We did not have much news of the outside back on the farm where I lived.  Mother did not think that what happened out here could concern us.  She thought that if we stayed out of trouble, we would have no trouble.”

            “Well, in that, she was very wrong.  Everything affects everything else.  There is a circle that connects us all.  There is no way around it.  Anything that happens will eventually have some impact on others.  Perhaps not smaller things, but the more important matter have influence over everyone’s lives, even if they would not like to admit it.  That is a problem that we have had hear.  See that building there?” Brian pointed one of the largest trees that had a sizable opening in it.  “That is dagixen, it is where all the people join together and decide what we will do.  Most of the people here do not think that we should be worried about what goes on in the rest of the world.  Lord Osgard disagrees, and ultimately Lord Osgard has the final word.  Normally it is rare that he and the people disagree at the end of a joining.”

            “So Lord Osgard is your king then?”

            “No, not quite.  He is merely a man.  A very strange man who most know very little about.  He has lived for longer than any here know, and has abilities and powers that are above normal comprehension.”

            “Magic,” William said in a hushed and exited voice.

            “What makes you think that?” Brian asked in a skeptical voice as he turned to walk up a ramp.  “This is my house, we can get something to eat in there.  I’m a fair cook if I do say so myself.  Oh yes, I’ve gotten off topic.  Well anyway, Lord Osgard could just be a very strong man.”

            “I do not think so.  From what little that Oslick has taught me, it seems to me that this is the work of magic.  I may very well be wrong, but that is what I think.”  They stepped inside the house and Brian closed the door behind them.

            “Apparently he has not taught you enough.  You trusted me too much that will be your undoing.  How do you know that I will not kill you, Oslick, and Lord Osgard for your use of magic?  People have killed for it before, you know.”

            “Well…I…ehm.  Well, if Lord Osgard trusts you…” William stammered as Brian reached into a cabinet and picked something up.

            “Do not worry anymore, I know far more about Lord Osgard than anyone else here,” he said as he pulled out a pan.  “Your guess of magic is correct.  In fact, he is a very powerful wizard.  I myself have never been very good at magic, although I have tried.  For several years Lord Osgard has tried to teach me to use magic, he says that it has helped me and that I am have faster reflexes now than I did before.  To see him use magic is…well, it is amazing.  Actually, you have seen it in work,” he said as he turned away from the pan and looked at William.  Seeing his puzzled expression he continued on.  “When you first arrived here my the vine, it pulled you up.  It was enchanted by Lord Osgard to pull itself up.  That way people can come much more quickly.”

            “Then how did they get up here to begin with?” asked William.

            “They flew.”

            “No, really.  How did they get up here?”

            “I told you, they flew.  Well, they practically flew.  The very first citizens of the city would jump between trees up and up until they reached the top.  Although this would not be possible for humans, the city was originally made by elves and…”

            “Elves?!  The city was made by elves? That is amazing!”

            “Yes, it is.  No matter how many times I think about it, I am still impressed.  Nearly all of the buildings that are here today were made by the elves who knows how long ago.  Their craftsmen ship is astounding.”

            “Elves.  It is amazing.  Elves used to live here, in this place.”

            “Apparently you are impressed.  It has been a great many years since they have lived here though.  Still, it is if…as if…”

            “As if they are still here?”

            “Yes.  Some times I think I feel their presence.”  There was a long pause as two stood thinking about the city’s past.  Who had stood in this house before?  What happened to them?

            They were both startled by a yell.  They looked at each other and ran outside.  People were running towards one end of the city and Brian and William joined them as they all tried to find out what was going on.  Some day this is turning out to be thought William as he ran a step behind Brian.

Chapter 14:

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